Prevention Services

Wildlife Prevention

Critter Control of Peoria implements wildlife prevention techniques to keep wildlife animals out of your home for good. Our services are long-term so when we get the wildlife animals out they do not return! Your wildlife technician will identify your problem areas of wildlife entry and create a plan of prevention using one or more methods.

Prevention Methods

The prevention methods used will be based on your unique wildlife control problem. Prevention techniques may include habitat modifications, exclusions, or a mixture of the two.

Habitat Modification

Critter Control of Peoria will keep your home and yard from being infested by wildlife problems by limiting wildlife habitat factors, including:

  • Water Sources
  • Food Sources
  • Nesting Areas


Installing methods of exclusion will keep your home safe from wildlife entry. This may be the most effective form of wildlife prevention available. Critter Control of Peoria will use vents, caps, and netting to keep wildlife out of your home.

Common Exclusion Points
  • Chimney
  • Plumbing Vents
  • Roof & Fascia Spaces
  • Roof Vents
  • Oven & Bathroom Exhaust Vents
  • Roof/Soffit Intersection
  • Holes in Siding
  • Porch & Deck
  • Trees & Landscaping

Call Critter Control of Peoria for long term and effective wildlife prevention services.